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The Timedoor
Book I in The Endora Trilogy

Christopher and Molly Jordan enter the
kingdom of Endora through a magical
timedoor and join a rescue party to
save Princess Rosalind from the evil
sorcerer Malaban!

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The Sword and the Crown
Book II in The Endora Trilogy

Christopher and Molly Jordan learn
that the spirit of Belthasar has taken
over Prince Jeremiah and will be
crowned king of Solárin and invade
Endora unless they can stop him!

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The Saving Light
Book III in The Endora Trilogy

Christopher and Molly Jordan must
stop the evil spirit of Belthasar from
recreating another copy of himself and
establishing his own kingdom in the
exciting conclusion of this
fantasy/adventure series!

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Gabriel's Journey

Gabriel mouse must lead his friends to
a new home after the green-eyed
beasts from across the road invade
their peaceful field. Can Gabriel save
them after his best friend Simon falls
under the spell of the beasts?

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On Christmas night in 1966, eight-year-old
Jack Mason glanced up at a shooting star
while playing in his backyard. Now in 2048 at
age ninety, Jack finally learns about an event
that resulted from such a trivial occurrence.

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