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1) Where can I buy your books?
My books can be ordered online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as
other online booksellers, or they can be purchased directly from my
publishers. Links to all of these websites can be found
here. You might also
visit any bookstore and ask someone there to place an order for you.

2) Where do you get your story ideas?
Just about anywhere! I've gotten ideas from things I've seen, heard, dreamed
or that just popped into my head from who knows where. I have written
down many ideas, some in more detail that others, so I won't forget, though
most I'll never have time to make into stories. I usually flesh out my ideas or
a work in progress while enjoying a long walk. I already have enough book
ideas to keep me busy for many years, but you never know when another
great one might appear out of thin air.

3) How long have you been writing?
Most of my life. I remember writing a poem as far back as second grade and
writing short stories in middle school, though I never considered those
attempts as anything more than something fun to do. I wrote a few novels,
plays, short stories and poems throughout high school where I began to take
the craft more seriously, and later took many creative writing courses and
workshops in college in the early 1980s. I've written mostly novels since, a
form I enjoy most. I guess creating stories and writing them down is just a
part of my make-up and always will be.

4) Would you like to see any of your books made into movies?
You bet! I'd love to see my Endora Trilogy books (The Timedoor, The Sword
and the Crown and The Saving Light) playing on the big screen–and I'd
supply the popcorn and soda. I
also think Gabriel's Journey would make a
great animated feature film, too. And though my novella
A Christmas Castle
is not yet published in book form (
buy it as a Kindle ebook here), I think it
would be a wonderful story to turn into a Christmas movie for television.

5) What is your current writing project?
A monthly update about my current novel in progress is posted here on the
My Next Book page.